UK UFO - Danny Dyer - I Believe In UFOs (UK-TV Jan 26th 2010)

Back in July of 2009 Dyer had the following to say about the upcoming documentary:

"It's called I Believe. It shows a different side to me. Rather than running around with dangerous, deadly men and all that, I'm trying to break the mould.....I've always had a thing about UFOs since I was a kid. I've never had an experience but I'm constantly looking at the sky just in case.....I've been to see cattle mutilations and crop circles. Some are hoaxes but others are unexplained, like the ones stretching over 1,500 metres - to do that in the pitch black is impossible. There's definitely something going on.....There's not much chance of catching UFOs on film but it's about meeting people who think there's a big change coming.....Some people are claiming they've been abducted and there's people passing messages on to them. Maybe they are telling the truth."

While the actual show was the usual fare I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised but that could possibly be as I've always liked Danny Dyer since I first seen him in (the excellent) "Human Traffic." It is also the first time I personally have seen a decent copy of the now legendary Stan Romanek, “Alien in the window” footage but all-in-all the full documentary was nowhere near as poor as I was expecting it to be and I was pleasantly surprised to see Dyer raise the fact that Stan had an agent and a sum of $50,000 was required for the footage, which as Dyer rightly surmised raises the obvious question regarding motivation and (in my opinion) ultimately the integrity of this particular purveyor of truth….. (Please see UPDATE below videos)

--- UPDATE ---

In the interests of getting to the truth..... (A rebuttal from Lisa Romanek).

A couple of days after the documentary aired (can be viewed here) and Danny Dyer stated that a fee of $50,000 was requested by the ‘agent' of Stan Romanek for access to his footage (and one assumes also for the interview) I became aware that this was being disputed by Stan's wife:

“As for his ending comment, I would like to explain a bit about it. The BBC offered $1,000 to use the footage and we agreed, however we recieved $500.00 of that. They were not told that they couldn't use the footage unless they paid us $50,000 we simply asked for the other $500.00 that our agreement stated!”

Source: UFOEvolution Forum

After seeing similar comments to the one above attributed to Stan's wife (Lisa Romanek) as well as online references to the fact that Lisa had disputed the validity of the statement I contacted Lisa who confirmed the above and gave me permission to publicly post the following:
“I was shocked at the end of the program to hear Danny say such a thing, and this is the truth. It saddens me that a possible misunderstanding could make him question my honesty, or the truth of he saw for himself. I was not aware of any such demand to the BBC, or Danny Dyer that they could not use the footage unless they paid us $50,000. They used the footage of the alien in the window, and also the obviously they used the footage.

Our business manager contacted then in regards to the $500.00 still owed. Other than that, I have no knoweldge of such a *demand* being made. We did not recieve $50,000 for the footage, and they still owe us $500.00. But it does not matter, we would still have Danny come back and visit. He is a wonderful person as were his mates he brought with him!! ”

(Private communication Jan 2009)

In fact it's fair to say Danny Dyer was very well received and the Romanek's obviously don't hold him personally responsible for the alleged “$ 50,000” request which Dyer was told the Romanek's ‘agent' requested for the ‘alien in the window' video footage (amongst others). This can again be witnessed in the following quote by Lisa Romanek:
"I have the utmost respect for Danny Dyer, he is a wonderful person who like all of us is seeking the truth, searching for answers that he personally can accept as real. He is entitled to his opinion as we all are, and he has a very colorful way of expressing himself, which I personally find charming, and real!He was blown away but what he was shown while at our home. And as he said, it was a lot to wrap is mind around. It would be for anyone. Seeing a real alien, looking in a window is pretty amazing,but seeing many pictures and videos of them are even more overwhelming. If I was him,and I wanted more than anything to see a UFO or an Alien..."

(Private communication Jan 2009)

I'm sure you can all appreciate that the contact details (and identifying the people involved) for Dyer and ‘BBC Productions' are a little more difficult to access but I am pursuing it, if any answer is forthcoming I'll be sure and post it to this Blog.

(I thought it was unfair to withhold Lisa's statements until any sort of confirmation was obtained).

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