Thursday, 15 October 2009

UFO Balloon Lands With Still No Sign Of Missing Boy

Update - Boy Found

A couple of hours after my original Blog post the following was published online:

The six-year-old boy who was allegedly involved in a UFO helium balloon incident has been found safe at his home. *There have been no details as to where the boy has been for past few hours. The incident involved an experimental helium balloon, which was not intended for flight, found speeding through the Colorado sky. It was believed at the time that a six-year-old boy had wandered into the basket of the UFO-looking balloon and the tether had broken releasing the balloon into the air. When the balloon crash landed it was surrounded by emergency services who quickly cut at the balloon to find any sign of the child, however it was discovered he was not in fact there. The boy was found safe at his home by authorities, however there are no details at the moment as to the child’s whereabouts for the past few hours.

*Update: Officials have said that the boy was hiding in a box in his home garage.


A tragic story is unfolding involving the disappearance of a six year old boy.

A small homemade helium balloon resembling a flying saucer and believed to be containing a 6-year-old boy is pictured floating thousands of feet above Colorado, October 15, 2009. The boy is thought to have climbed inside a home-made helium balloon which is described by a Larimer County Sheriff's spokeswoman as "a homemade helium balloon made to look like a UFO."

The reports filtering through from the local media are sketchy at best but current reports are now stating that the balloon has landed and there is no sign of the little boy. If the actual events are being are being reported without error then unfortunately it doesn't bode well for the youngster but here's hoping and Godspeed ……

Balloon lands in Colorado, boy not inside (Thu Oct 15)

DENVER (Reuters) - A helium balloon that flew out of control over Colorado landed on Thursday but a 6-year-old boy who had been thought to be on board was not in the craft, local media said. It was not known where the boy was. The boy, who was not identified, was reported to have climbed into the small homemade craft at his family's home before it floated away and across the Colorado skies at up to 7,000 feet.

Television images showed the silver ballon, resembling a flying saucer and about 20 feet (six meters) across, floating above Colorado before it landed, as authorities scrambled to find a way to bring it down safely. A Larimer County Sheriff's spokeswoman described the craft as "a homemade helium balloon made to look like a UFO." She said the boy climbed into the balloon at his family's home in Fort Collins. The craft then apparently broke away from a pair of tethers holding it to the ground and floated away. Aviation experts said that the boy could survive the flight but would be cold and possibly disoriented at high altitudes.


Fort Collins, CO - A homemade balloon that took off unattended has landed without anyone inside. Initial reports said that a 6-year-old boy may have climbed inside. A representative of the sheriff's department says the child may have fallen out early in the flight. Officials say the balloon is owned by the boy's parents, and that it was tethered behind their home. They say the boy and his older brother were playing outside when the older boy saw the younger one go into a compartment at the bottom of the balloon, which then flew away. The balloon was rotating slowly in the wind during the flight, sometimes tipping precariously. It landed around 3:40pm Eastern Time.


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Saturday, 20 October 2007

UFO Photographed in San Luis Valley, Colorado (Aug 20th, 2007)

UFO Photographed in San Luis Valley, Colorado (Aug 20th, 2007)

I have recently been in contact with someone who has a couple of rather bizarre images he captured recently. (Real name supplied.) I originally made contact with Belizeman when he posted a lnk to his image on Forums. He also posted them to his Flickr account (Belizeman01)

Original images cropped and slight zoom.
San Luis Valley UFO

Belizeman01 says,

"On my Flickr site are other lights in the sky that I noticed and posted when I got back from vacation from August 20……..I find it very spooky that in three days I noted a half dozen "objects" taken only a few miles apart in San Luis Valley, Colorado. Ranchers tell me it's a radar dead zone because of the three mountain ranges surrounding the valley.

I was at the Zapata Falls lookout point, due east of the Watchtower, across the San Luis Valley. Zapata Falls is located about four miles south of Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado. <The object> maintained a steady course, speed similar to a commercial jet, until it was lost behind a mountain range north of the park.”

The two images were taken 2-3 seconds apart and Belizeman01 says that the camera never left his eye, adding that, “I often shoot off two or three shots rapidly to ensure a good photo, even when doing tripod work.”

Two UFO images animated with a lapse of 2.5 seconds.
San Luis Valley UFO animation

The parallels between the image and a commercial aircraft are also something that has been considered, Belizeman01 is quick to point out that he too can see the similarities between his image and that of a commercial aircraft.

Image after being run through a couple of filters.
San Luis Valley UFO Filter

“Enlarge it less or check out my Flickr site, and more detail is seen. Rotating it a bit and the similarity to a plane is clear. Yet exam how the rudder is now broadside to the direction of flight. The nose appears to be flat; curved up slightly like a ski ramp. In addition, where's the other wing? This was not a damaged plane crashing to earth. I do wonder what the dark, haziness from the centre of the craft is? It looks like an exhaust plume to me, except it was travelling the opposite direction.”

San Luis Valley UFO - aircraft similarity
“Rotating it a bit and the similarity to a plane is clear.”

Belizeman01’s Flickr Account

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Thursday, 30 August 2007

UFO Sighting – Bondad, Colorado – 24th July 2007 – Bright Light Buzzes Truck

UFO Sighting – Bondad, Colorado – 24th July 2007 – Bright Light Buzzes Truck

After a recent post in our UFO Forum I have been corresponding with the witness but this has slowed down lately, so I’m going to post this in the hopes that someone has had, or knows of someone who has had a similar experience.


Date Of sighting 24th July 2007
Date Reported 25th July 2007

I need advice, really. I found this site through google, and I am hoping you all are serious about this UFO topic. I'm not sure I am in the right forum at this site, if not I'm sorry.

OK here is the deal, I commute between Aztec New Mexico and Durango Colorado. Last night I was coming home (from Durango toward Aztec), through a small nothing town called Bondad in Colorado, and there was something - that I have no explanation for. I drive a big Dodge 2500 Diesel truck, this truck is not affected by much. Something was off to the left in my field of view, right over top of a bluff, it was kind of bright, I thought at first it was maybe a bright light on top of an oil or gas rig. But suddenly it just shot backwards out of my sight, way too fast to be a plane, I mean it SHOT back out of sight, as in there one second, and gone the next, no way was this a plane.

So then I slowed down, quite a lot because I was a bit freaked out. I was slowing down from about 60 down to about 35, thinking what the hell was that thing.

About 10-seconds or so later I saw a bright light in my drivers side rear view mirror, almost looked like high-beams or something. I slowed down a bit more and then whatever that light was, shot right over my truck - so fast that the truck literally almost bounced - and like I said, nothing much can do that to a big 2500 truck, the thing shot over - super bright, it went over so fast that the truck felt like it went through a huge ditch (and there are no ditches on that road), it pushed my truck straight down - I assume wind pressure?? This thing went right over top, blinded me a bit and then it was WAY out in the sky, as in it went from being really close to being a small blip - and then it was gone - MAYBE 2 or 3 seconds went by. Way too fast to be anything man made as far as I know, and I spent 8-years in the Marines out in 29 Palms working with air to ground communications - I was one of those guys who told military jets where to drop ammo (I was a forward observer who called rounds down range) - trust me I have been around plenty of jets and this was NOT a jet - THERE WAS NO NOISE.

So I am really, confused and freaked out. I never took this UFO thing seriously - until now.

I was not able to determine any shape, the light was really way too bright.

All I know is this - it was fast and bright and it shook my truck. If I had to guess at how close this thing was to my truck, I would have to say about 100-yards or so up off the ground, it wasn't super close to me BUT it sure felt like it was. I checked my truck, no marks or anything like that (I was thinking maybe it had left a heat residual or something). I even smelled my truck to see if I could smell anything, maybe like a fuel smell, but there was no odor either. There were no other vehicles in sight at that time, as far as I know I was pretty much alone, no one in front coming toward and no one behind me.

SO I am left confused, and wondering - maybe this UFO thing is real. Maybe you folks can believe in this sort of thing easily - but I couldn't - not without proof, and I would now have to say - that's proof enough for me. Any ideas or similar experiences?? Sorry but I had no camera and even if I did have one there was no way I could have gotten any images of it - way too fast...

Last I knew, earth had an atmosphere, and anything ripping through that atmosphere made a considerable amount of noise, right?? There was no noise at all, I am telling you my windows were down and I would have heard something - but there was no noise and this is what puzzles me the most.

So any feedback would be great, any ideas, any explanations, I'm just mystified at this point.


My first response


Hi Durango and welcome to the forums, I would like to thank you for posting your account here. The reason I didn’t reply straight away is I sent you an email regarding your experience, but I felt that I should still reply to you post as you may not regularly check your emails.

Firstly while it is perfectly understandable for you to be freaked out, I really do appreciate your concerns but feel that I must stress that you shouldn’t fret or worry about your UFO sighting.

If you’ve came to this forum looking for a definitive answer as to what you’ve seen then I’m afraid you may be disappointed. These lights in the sky have been spotted by thousands and thousands of people over many, many years.

However. being, “Buzzed” by a UFO is a rare occurrence as the sightings are usually just limited to the lights in the sky. They are also mostly not accompanied by an audible craft noise or are too far away to discern this, and for a UFO to cause a sonic boom is unheard of.

In the Durango area, a UFO was spotted in October 2003 by a sound engineer. This made the news and was even reported in the Durango Herald. While this sighting was a different shaped UFO to the one you witnessed, and it certainly wasn’t as distressing as your experience. I feel it merits a mention due to the characteristics of propulsion; the witness is quoted as saying,

"It wasn't thermalling and didn't make a sound…….There was no heat distortion behind the end. I thought it had to be a military drone at one point but there was no contrail, no propulsion.”

I am not attempting to detract in any way from your personal UFO sighting, but I’m hoping I can allay your fears as you sounded a little upset in your original post.

And more recently in Colorado (2007-02-28) there is this report at the MUFON website which is certainly relevant to your sighting,

“I was driving in a van with my dad then all of a sudden a really bright star like not to high above maybe like 100 ft. and it beamed through the sky soo fast,nothing we humans have made can go that fast,me and my dad were shocked!I lost sight of the object because it was moving to fast.”

Finally, as recently as the 27th of June 2007 a witness reported a similar UFO in Colorado, the witness says that they, “Watched a very small light traveling fast south to north extreme altitude no blinking discernible, suddenly brighten then fade.”

I know this in no way goes towards answering any of your questions, but hopefully it does prove that you are not alone in your experience and hopefully may offer a little solace.

From your post,

"from Durango toward Aztec....Something was off to the left in my field of view.....shot backwards out of my sight....bright light in my drivers side rear view mirror......shot right over my truck....WAY out in the sky"

Does this mean when it shot over you and way out in the sky that it was travelling from North to South?

What kind of degree did the object rise at i.e. was it a sharp climb or a more gradual climb?

What colour (if any) was the light?

Personally I certainly believe that UFO’s exist and as such it is a phenomenon that demands more research. Regarding the craft ripping noiselessly through our atmosphere the theories as to the possible propulsion systems of UFO’s are many and varied.

Also, you may rest assured that you are certainly not the first person for whom the, “The proof of the pudding was in the eating!!”

So take care and I hope to hear from you soon.


There were a couple more posts in the forum thread HERE. If you know of a similar sighting then please either leave a comment so I can contact you, email me at, or post a comment in the forums thread, HERE. If you want to remain anonymous then please email me and discretion is guaranteed.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of, or visited It is ran by, “Sam Willey” and he also has a radio show based on the subject of UFO’s.

Sam has had some excellent guests lately such as B.J. Booth (webmaster of and the illustrious Stanton Friedman, UFOlogist extraordinaire!!

Sam was kind enough to ask Mr Stanton Friedman if he knew of any similar occurrences to the Durango sighting, to listen to the clip then it is directly below this text.

To listen to the full show then visit here.
Or to visit Sams website,, click on his banner below.

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