Tuesday, 13 April 2010

New Witness: (California) UFO Drone Season Starts Early This Year!!

I received an email on Sunday (11th April 2010) and I've hesitated posting it for several reasons which I won't go into. Everybody knows how I personally feel about the 2007 California Drones and if you're unsure check out the website I dedicated to them (image link in sidebar to the right of this text). Anyway I emailed the witness back straight away and heard nothing, I also emailed the witness again on the 13th April (2010) again with no reply as of yet.

The email address is still ‘live' and the witness's full name was supplied (via Google-mail).

However, I will say that I suspect I'm the last person a genuine ‘Drone' witness would contact mainly due to my previous comments on the hoax aspect, I also feel that the report I received reads a lot like that of *Chad* (one of the original Drone witnesses) as it shares the same sense of urgency and similar words are in capitals to further STRESS this fact…..

So I share the following email exactly as I received it and without comment, make of it what you will (name & email address removed):

And as a refresher here's the original Chad report:

The Chad Account (First Contact)

Last month (April 2007), my wife and I were on a walk when we noticed a very large, very strange "craft" in the sky. My wife took a picture with her cell phone camera (first photo below). A few days later a friend (and neighbor) lent me his camera and came with me to take photos of this "craft". We found it and took a number of very clear photos. Picture #4 is taken from right below this thing and I must give my friend credit as I was not brave enough to get close enough to take this picture myself!

The craft is almost completely silent and moves very smoothly. It usually moves slowly until it decides to take off. Then it moves VERY quickly and is out of sight in the blink of an eye. MORE THAN ANYTHING I simply want to understand what this is and why it is here? We found your show with Google and I have listened for a few nights now. I have decided that if anyone can help me understand what this thing is, it is you and your audience. I must admit I am deeply unsettled by this thing. I have never seen anything like this in my life...

Location: I would prefer not to say for now.....

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Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Sun UFO Deception Goes Global (You Heard It Here First!!)

As I was writing my last Blog post about this exact situation I received a Google alert regarding a FOX News story which yet again echoes earlier calls which directly bring the Suns jounalistic integrity(?) into question. The article is regarding the Dublin/Sun article which was posted on the 22nd Jan (2010) and references a PeopleMagazineDaily article. PeopleMagazineDaily actually posted an article titled, "UFO with Triangular Formation of Lights Filmed in Dublin, Ireland" which was a faithful reproduction of the original Sun article, this was posted on the 25th January.

THEN on the 26th January they ran a ‘correction' with the headline of, “Dublin UFO Actually from Iraq or California: British Press Deception,” this was four days after the Sun article which I covered (on this Blog) back on the 23rd (one day after the original article).

And as it has now gone mainstream (globally) I thought I'd highlight the timeline (a small indulgence I'm sure you'll forgive…..) And also worth noting is that the FOX News article actually specified the same motivations as I did when they wrote, “The real reason behind the UFO story and video? The Sun is taking on the task of running the U.K.'s UFO-report bureau after Ministry of Defense closed it down last year.”

Hopefully the message won't be buried amongst the hype that is sure to ensue now that the Sun have taken up the (UK) UFO mantle, well, at least for the minute.

Anyhoo, here's the FOX News article which was posted on the 29th January under the, “Air & Space” section of the website:

UFO Caught Over Ireland -- or California

A video purporting to show a UFO drifting over Ireland is making the rounds in British tablets. But what does it really show? A video purporting to show a UFO drifting over Ireland is making the rounds in British tablets. But what does it really show?

The video, showing a triangular formation of lights ostensibly invisible to the naked eye, was posted to the Web site of British tabloid The Sun. The paper reports that experts reckon the sighting near Dublin could be a secret aircraft -- or a spacecraft.

Nick Pope, who probed mystery sightings for the U.K.'s Ministry of Defense, told the paper that "the video seems to have been taken through a night scope and presumably shows things not visible to the naked eye."

"It appears to show a structured craft moving at incredible speed. The configuration of the lights is unlike any aircraft I've ever seen. It's either some secret prototype aircraft or drone, or something considerably more exotic."

The Web site People's Daily Magazine pointed out that the video in question was posted to video-sharing Web site YouTube in December of 2008 -- where it is listed as having been filmed in Fremont, California.

The real reason behind the UFO story and video? The Sun is taking on the task of running the U.K.'s UFO-report bureau after Ministry of Defense closed it down last year. A spokesman for the Ministry told The Sun, "We do not feel there is any military value in reviewing the public's sightings. "

Source: Fox News

(And I promise this is the LAST time I'll mention this particular incident!!)

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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Balloon Boy Hoax ‘09

UPDATE: 8th Jan 2010:

$48,000 in restitution from Balloon Boy dad Richard Heene.

In a 13-page filing, prosecutors said Richard Heene should pay $47,809.04 to local law enforcement, the National Guard, firefighters and the U.S. Forest Service for the search and the subsequent investigation into the family. Some of the costs were for public information officers loaned from other agencies to help answer reporters' phone calls.

The filing also notes that the Federal Aviation Administration is pursuing a civil fine against the family. The FAA has proposed they pay $11,000 for temporarily disrupting air traffic around Denver International Airport, but the two sides are negotiating, Richard Heene's lawyer said.


The following was a story I normally wouldn't mention but seeing as I learned of it when the news was actually breaking (mid-pursuit) I Blogged about it (here), so consider this a follow-up of sorts. Well that and the paths that all hoaxes travel (via the internet) has always been of personal interest to me. In this case however within a matter of hours questions were raised and in a day or so accusations were levelled, as I'm sure you're aware the event led to a prosecution and ultimately sentencing, if you actually look back at how the events transpired on the 15th October it quickly becomes apparent that it was indeed little more than a self-promotional publicity seeking attempt (ultimately aimed at garnering interest prior to a foray into reality television).

Balloon parents plead guilty to hoax charges
Fri Nov 13 2009

A couple who pretended their son had floated away in a homemade balloon have pleaded guilty to hoax charges. Richard and Mayumi Heene's six-year-old boy Falcon hit the headlines when it was believed he had climbed into the UFO-shaped helium balloon and drifted away. But the incident was an elaborate publicity stunt the couple hoped would secure them fame on a reality TV show. Richard Heene pleaded guilty to attempting to influence a public servant, a crime that carries a maximum penalty of up to six years in prison, while Mayumi Heene admitted a less serious charge of making a false report to authorities.

The Heenes drew worldwide attention on October 15 when they reported that Falcon had sailed away in a silver airship. The inflatable drifted over Colorado for 50 miles, chased by National Guard helicopters, as authorities mounted a search operation that riveted TV viewers. The balloon later landed empty and it turned out the boy had been hiding safely in the family attic. Public sympathy turned to outrage when Falcon gave away the hoax in a live interview. An investigation was launched and the mother admitted the incident was a publicity stunt.

Source: ITN

I say it quickly became apparent it was a hoax of course as when the father (Richard Heene) originally reported it the news-media showed little to no interest so Heene promptly called the FAA to report that his balloon was airborne, not being controlled and that there was a *possibility* his six year old son was inside, all of this was within minutes of the balloons launch at 11am. Then at 11:15 when apparently the story was still flying under the radar of the media Heene decided to call local news-media and request for their helicopter to locate and follow the balloon, still not content Heene then gets his wife to contact police and describe the massive current/voltage that builds up in Mylar balloons every few minutes. It has since been claimed the police were rightly sceptical of the entire fiasco but obviously once the news-chopper was in pursuit and live coverage being streamed they had to at least appear to be taking the claims seriously.

Roll on the 16th October and several interviews later Falcon lets slip that he was hiding in the attic under his father's instruction and ‘for a TV show,' cue the parents disbelief & denial. Two days later the Colorado Sheriff announced that it was indeed a hoax and the parents were to be arrested, on November 13th the parents entered a guilty plea finally on the 23rd December the parents were sentenced. The following was posted to the BBC on December 23rd (2009):

A US man who triggered a major alert by falsely claiming his son was adrift in a helium balloon has been sentenced to 90 days in jail - and his wife to 20. Richard Heene, 48, and his 45-year-old wife Mayumi said in October their son had been carried off by the balloon. Six-year-old Falcon Heene was finally found hiding at home. In court in Colorado, Heene appeared to fight back tears as he apologised to rescue workers and the community, saying he was " very, very sorry ". The judge also ordered four years of supervised probation for the couple and banned them from receiving any form of financial benefit from the case. Heene and his wife Mayumi had pleaded guilty to charges that they carried out the balloon stunt to promote a reality TV show.

'Wasted money'

The prosecutor had argued the couple should face time in jail to act as a deterrent to others who may be considering mounting similar stunts for financial gain and publicity. Prosecutors had asked for a jail sentence to deter others , he said Heene had, " wasted a lot of man power and a lot of money in wanting to get himself some publicity ". He argued that the couple had acted not on the behest of any TV companies, but that " they came up with it all on their own, not necessarily just to get a TV show but at least to put their name out there again and maybe in hopes that somebody would pick them up ".

"For that, they do need to be punished".

Richard Heene will be allowed to serve 60 days of his 90-day sentence on release, allowing him to work as a construction contractor during the day, while spending the night in jail. He will start his sentence on 11 January 2010. Mayumi Heene will begin her sentence after her husband's to ensure their children are still cared for. She will be allowed to report to jail on two days a week, return home at night, and serve the sentence through jail-supervised community service. The judge also ruled that her husband must serve 100 hours of community service and write a letter of apology to the community and public service agencies which helped search for his son. The couple have already been ordered to pay $42,000 (£26,000) in restitution for the emergency services' rescue efforts.

Source: BBC

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Monday, 28 December 2009

The Art Of The Hoax

Smithsonian recently posted a short article online by Rob Irving and Peter Brookesmith charting Crop Circles and their origins and was somewhat contentiously titled, “Crop Circles: The Art of the Hoax,” well, I suppose it's contentious among certain groups it is however a title that I personally thought befitting of its content. Anyway, irrespective of where you believe the origins of the circle-makers may really stem from I still found it a thought-provoking article, sections of which can effortlessly be applied to all broader anomalous phenomena, an excerpt of the article follows:

Crop circles are a lens through which we can explore the nature and appeal of hoaxes. Fakes, counterfeits and forgeries are all around us in the everyday world—from dud $50 bills to spurious Picassos. People's motives for taking the unreal as real are easily discerned: we trust our currency, and many people would like to own a Picasso. The nebulous world of the anomalous and the paranormal is even richer soil for hoaxers. A large proportion of the population believes in ghosts, angels, UFOs and ET visitations, fairies, psychokinesis and other strange phenomena. These beliefs elude scientific examination and proof. And it's just such proof that the hoaxer brings to the table for those hungry for evidence that their beliefs are not deluded.

False evidence intended to corroborate an existing legend is known to folklorists as “ostension.” This process also inevitably extends the legend. For, even if the evidence is eventually exposed as false, it will have affected people's perceptions of the phenomenon it was intended to represent. Faked photographs of UFOs, Loch Ness monsters and ghosts generally fall under the heading of ostension. Another example is the series of photographs of fairies taken by Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths at Cottingley, Yorkshire, between 1917 and 1920. These show that the motive for producing such evidence may come from belief, rather than from any wish to mislead or play pranks. One of the girls insisted till her dying day that she really had seen fairies—the manufactured pictures were a memento of her real experience. And the photos were taken as genuine by such luminaries as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle—the great exponent, in his Sherlock Holmes stories, of logic.

The desire to promote evidence of anomalous and paranormal events as genuine springs from deep human longings. One is a gesture toward rationalism—the notion that nothing is quite real unless it's endorsed by reasoned argument, and underwritten by more or less scientific proofs. But the human soul longs for enchantment. Those who don't find their instinctive sense of the numinous satisfied by art, literature or music—let alone the discoveries of science itself—may well turn to the paranormal to gratify an intuition that mystery dwells at the heart of existence. Such people are perfectly placed to accept hoaxed evidence of unexplained powers and entities as real.

Source: Smithsonian

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Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Internet Matrix (RE: 2007 California Drone Hoax)

James Carrion (Mufon Director) laments on the 2007 California Drone hoax and highlights the problems that are inherent to UFO forums/message boards, an excerpt follows:

The Internet Matrix

In 2007, the California Drones photos came on the scene and also spread like wildfire throughout the Internet. However this time, the witnesses were allegedly members of the public, ALL of who chose to remain anonymous and could not be proven to be real people. Despite this glaring red flag, the Drones saga is still actively promoted today as a valid case, especially by the message boards of the Open Minds forum http://lucianarchy.proboards.com/index.cgi?

When I joined the boards, I was treated by the moderators and anonymous membership in the same way I was treated by the Dive Company message board members, in a negative way using disinformation methods of deflection and intimidation. When I pressed my case, I was then kicked off the boards. Now the interesting thing about Open Minds is that the two principles who allegedly own it and with whom I have had some interesting email exchanges don't seem to be real people themselves. I could be wrong here but I challenge anyone to investigate this for themself and if you can surface a real resume for either partner, then I will retract my statement. You can read MUFON's opinion on the Drones in the April 2008 issue of the MUFON Journal.

So what are the dangers of these message boards since even MUFON has its own board at http://mufonmembers.proboards.com/index.cgi?

The danger lies in the anonymous nature of these boards. Anyone can sign up without proving their identity and they can make any claims that they want. For example, on the MUFON message boards we had a poster who was very critical of MUFON and claimed to be a former MUFON member. When I asked the person to confidentially send me his/her name so I could verify that they were indeed a former member, they stopped posting on the board and it is doubtful they were ever a MUFON member in the first place. More likely they were an agent provocateur in the employ of the intelligence agencies.

The Intelligence agencies can use these message boards to promote false information, build myths like the 2006 Kinross case and the 2007 Drones saga, practice disinformation techniques and character assasinate any one who dares question their tactics. Imagine you are new to the UFO subject and your classroom for learning more about the phenomenon is one of these message boards. How can you believe anything that you read on these boards, even MUFON's own board, when intelligence operatives have free reign? It is one of the questions I have been asking myself for awhile and since MUFON is in the process of completely revamping its web site, is one of the issues that will have to be seriously looked at. MUFON may end up with a new message board site that restricts anonymity for these reasons.

Now I have to laugh when folks prematurely declare that MUFON is dying and that the Internet will replace it. Hogwash! MUFON is the voice of reason in this sea of disinformation, and MUFON field investigators have to prove themselves to be real people in order to investigate cases. MUFON has also taken a zero-tolerance stance on whistle blowers and anonymous inside sources to avoid being manipulated by the intelligence agencies as so many Ufologists have in the past.

So my friends, beware of La-La land (the Internet), don't believe everything you read there, don't trust anonymous sources and if you feel bullied on a UFO related message board, let me know as I would like to keep up on the latest intelligence agency disinformation and manipulation tactics.

Source: Follow The Magic Thread

I made a Blog post back in January 2008 that referenced the ‘episode' that James refers to at the Open Minds Forum and it can be viewed here.

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Sunday, 14 June 2009

California UFO Drones - The Hoax That Keeps On Giving (Bioware & LucasArts)

Bioware, LucasArts and the California Drones?!

Well it seems as if just as the shouts that the California Drones were part of a Viral campaign for the Sarah Connor Chronicles are fading away along comes, “Star Wars: The Old Republic”.

No doubt that this will spurn yet another batch of equally invalid claims that Lucasarts & Bioware were the ones responsible for initially pushing the Drone bandwagon rather than merely jumping on it…..

Don't get me wrong I believe the entire Drone debacle was undoubtedly a hoax, but viral marketing? I for one personally don't buy it and it seems that every time the Drones seem to dwindle in notoriety then yet another rejuvenation comes along, anyway here's the blurb about the game:

“Play Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ and forge your own Star Wars™ saga in a story-driven massively-multiplayer online game from BioWare and LucasArts. Explore an age thousands of years before the rise of Darth Vader when war between the Old Republic and the Sith Empire divides the galaxy.”

And of course the image in question:

And the text that accompanies the image:

“The Jedi have been the noble peacekeepers and diplomats for the Galactic Republic for 22,000 years. While law-abiding citizens look to the Jedi with respect and inspiration, the Galactic Republic's enemies regard the Jedi with suspicion, fear, and anger.

The success of the Sith Empire's military campaign during the Great War saw the deaths of thousands of Jedi. During the sacking of Coruscant, six Masters of the Jedi Council were killed, and in the time since, the Sith have started their own recruitment campaign to seek out Force-sensitive children around the galaxy.

These catastrophes have damaged the Galactic Republic's faith in its legendary protectors, but they are far from defeated. Overwhelmed but fearless, the Jedi have returned to their ancient homeworld of Tython, recommitting to their timeless principles and looking to the future, hoping to restore balance to the Force and peace and justice to the galaxy.

Despite their intentions, the Jedi Order's search for serenity on Tython has been strained. Among the ancient Tythonian ruins, mysterious Force energies abound, and the legacy of a long forgotten darkness has re-emerged. With the arrival of a Twi'lek pilgrim clan determined to settle on Tython in violation of Galactic Republic law, delicate and dangerous trials have arisen for Jedi Padawans in training and for the Order itself.”


Incidentally this is probably the most believable viral marketing link to date if only because the original characters of the LAP were linked to Aurebesh due to their aesthetic similarities.


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Monday, 4 May 2009

Morristown, New Jersey UFO Hoax – Looking For Pseudoscience In All The Wrong Places?

As regular readers no doubt know I have always been interested in UFO hoaxes and the various guises in which they manifest for nearly as long as I have been interested in genuinely unexplainable UFO reports, in fact if the truth be known then the UFO hoax aspect is practically inseparable from the broader UFO phenomenon itself and I believe hoaxes and their effects are also more than worthy of study, or at the very least acknowledgement…..

Eskeptic published an admission last month (April 1st 2009) by Joe Rudy (who holds a B.S. in science and actually teaches science as well as beings a private classical music teacher) and Chris Russo (who has a degree in management and economics and is a former model & actor) that they had personally perpetrated (and documented on video) the Morristown UFO Sightings (Jan 2009).

In the Eskeptic reveal which was titled, “How We Staged the Morristown UFO Hoax” Chris Russo & Joe Rudy wrote:

“In November of 2008, we found ourselves sitting around one evening discussing pseudoscience and the large numbers of people that still believe in its various guises. We had always had a strong interest in why people were so easily fooled by such irrational superstitions as psychic ability, spiritual mediums, alien abductions, and the like. Despite the lack of evidence to support these notions, we were baffled. How could so many people in an age of science still buy into dogma that is no more or less ridiculous than the notion of an elderly obese man delivering presents to every child on Earth in one evening? And like most other people, we had always heard about the uneducated farmer spotting an alien spaceship hovering over his farm, but we wondered if that amount of gullibility could be found in our upper-middle class hometown of Hanover, NJ, and the surrounding cities. “

“…..60 years later, despite the fact that there is still no evidence of their existence, the UFO myth is as strong today as ever, fed by cable channel shows that prop up UFO “experts” who claim to be authorities on a subject that's on par with astrology and palm reading. These charlatans make a career by perpetuating the E.T. fairy tale and exploiting credulous people who want nothing more than a good conspiracy theory to believe in.”

“It is in this context that we set out on a mission to help people think rationally and question the credibility of so-called UFO “professionals.” We brainstormed the idea of producing a spaceship hoax to fool people, bring the charlatans out of the woodwork to drum up controversy, and then expose it as nothing more than a prank to show everyone how unreliable eyewitness accounts are, along with investigators of UFOs.”

Source: Eskeptic

So, puzzled as to why people still believed in pseudoscience they ‘set out on a mission' to produce a ‘spaceship hoax,' well, each to their own and that's fair enough I suppose, however it appears that far from being an experiment of any description and the entire catalogue of events was nothing more than a fishing trip of sorts, but an experiment?

Perhaps, but surely the only real conclusion that can be drawn is that ‘confirmation bias' was inherent and that the ‘experiment' was rendered useless by applying the pseudoscientific method (that they claim to abhor) with such liberal disregard.

Identifying pseudoscience” - A field, practice, or body of knowledge might reasonably be called pseudoscientific when (1) it is presented as consistent with the accepted norms of scientific research; but (2) it demonstrably fails to meet these norms, most importantly, in misuse of scientific method. (Source)

Ah yes, the scientific method…..

Scientific method”- Refers to bodies of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on gathering observable, empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. A scientific method consists of the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.....Although procedures vary from one field of inquiry to another, identifiable features distinguish scientific inquiry from other methodologies of knowledge..... Among other facets shared by the various fields of inquiry is the conviction that the process be objective to reduce a biased interpretation of the results. (Source)

So one of the main identifiers of pseudoscience is ‘misuse of the scientific method' which in turn shares a universally accepted & steadfast rule that it must be ‘objective to reduce a biased interpretation of the results,' yet Russo and Rudy after launching their balloons would call the news media to report a UFO sighting and can be seen doing so on the video, saying, "There are really strange lights in Morristown…..Doesn't look like a plane or anything." Not content with that they also appeared on TV further supporting the hoax by giving interviews of their ‘UFO sightings' and by doing so completely contaminated any results and consequently any/all conclusions.

But personally speaking, it was the actual reporting on the hoax which forced that old familiar feeling of contempt to stir, contempt the kind of which is almost exclusively reserved for journalists and politicians. However I suspect I run the risk of appearing to be generalising to an extent equal to that which I so often accuse the mass-media of, so I'll specify as it's ‘Newsweek' in particular I'm referring to. Of course this is nothing that hasn't been mentioned across the Blogosphere prior to my meagre contribution, most notably by Billy Cox, who in an article titled, “Nicely Done Newsweak” wrote:

“What's actually more revealing is how, within hours, Newsweek was the first to cheerlead the caper for its novel approach to promoting critical thinking. ‘Nicely done, guys,' wrote Sharon Begley for the magazine's Web page.”

Source: HeraldTribune

The crux of the complaints (mine included) is that -tactless reporting aside- the media took a great deal more notice once the fact that it was a hoax was admitted, and positively relished the opportunity to yet again portray the UFO community in a negative light, worse still it appears as if they believed they were justified in doing so, completely ignoring the suspect methodology employed by the hoaxers and instead actually championing the flawed experiment, “Nicely done guys” indeed……

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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Alleged Irish Footage Posted To Internet Is Fake

I was a little surprised to see that REALUFOS.net Blog posted the following (7th Oct 2008).

The stunning irish triangle ufo video (Tuesday, October 07 2008)

This is the apparent Irish triangle Ufo i recently posted about. The footage was seen at the irish ufo conference and was filmed by senior garda pilot and witnessed by a Fianna Fail (irish) politician. If its a CGi its well done, if anyone knows anymore about the footage please reply to this post.

Unfortunately I can say categorically that this particular video is undoubtedly a fake. I posted the following comment/question that has yet to be answered (as are any comments):

“What information do you have access to that suggests it's the Irish conference footage?

As (unfortunately) if you check the comment posted with the video it says:

“This is a video was on a cheap camera I found when Hiking in the Smokey Mountains . This is all that was on it.”

I assume(d) that the, “Smokey mountains” in question were of the Appalachian variety (rather than Irish)……

Also according to the latest article in the Meath chronicle then there were four triangles visible suggesting it was indeed a collection of point light sources rather than structured objects.

Are you relying solely on the various YouTube comments to establish this is the correct video?”

The above video which was alleged to be the Irish footage and is being perpetuated as such is 100% verifiable man-made competition entry. It was made by someone called Jeff Wilson, the following is an excerpt from the ‘HoaxResearchCenter' website:

Speaking of Strange UFO Experience

Last year's winner, and 3-year champion, Jeff Wilson, created a triangular helium-lifted craft, remote controlled, with multiple stages. He was able to scan the audience with a laser, release smoke to enshroud his creation, and even switch the craft's lighting structure instantly, producing the illusion of a different object.

For more information on the “Speaking of Strange UFO Experience” visit http://www.hoaxresearchcenter.com/.

(1) Recent alleged Irish UFO footage.
(2) Jeff Wilson 2006 man-made UFO in flight.
(3) Jeff Wilson 2006 man-made UFO display.

While the images of the toy UFO created by Jeff Wilson that can be found on their website are certainly similar it's not the exact same one BUT that's because it's the 2006 craft, however if we have a look at some of the footage from the 2007 competition….. (The relevant section is around the 3:30 mark).

As you can see the exact same footage WITH original audio.

For links to video clips of all the other competition footage then please visit L.E.M.U.R. forums here, it also includes 2008 footage in which Jeff only managed 2nd place losing out to what was titled in the subsequent press release as:

" Phoenix Lights" UFO Effect Recreated for $25 at Contest

Second Place went to Jeff Wilson, the 3-year First Place Winner since the events inception, in 2005. Wilson is also the first UFO champion to go on Coast to Coast AM, briefly interviewed along with Joshua P. Warren on August 19, 2008. Jeff's initial plans went awry when there were unexpected problems with his main entry, so he had to compete by entering a secondary craft, far less elaborate than his original. Jeff's unexpected problem was echoed by the new champion, Jim, since Jim's grand finale, a huge balloon with multiple-stage effects, also had to be cancelled at the last minute due to a frame break that could not be easily repaired. This is a great example of the significant technical challenges these talented engineers face, and illustrates the difficulty in faking some of the extreme UFO sightings reported throughout history.

‘It blew everyone away,' said event organizer Joshua P. Warren. ‘This is a valuable piece of data for anyone interested in analyzing UFO imagery. It's a great example of how studying a fake can help us analyze the real thing.'

The above release is available to read at the L.E.M.U.R. forums where it was originally posted on the 6th October (2008).

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Thursday, 4 September 2008

UFO Hoaxer Arrested

Back on Sunday 14th October (2007) I wrote about a Mr Linn Murphy in a post titled, “UFO Hoaxers And Their Toys”.

“Meet Linn Murphy, a man with perhaps a little too much time on his hands? Linn Murphy has built himself a 3 foot wide reinforced foam flying saucer that’s remote controlled and can hit 40 mph thanks to a tiny electric motor.”

The only reason I mention this is I recently came across the following article from the Mercury News:

UFO toy seller in OC held for alleged pants fraud

The Associated Press

IRVINE, Calif.—A man known for selling flying, flashing toys that have prompted UFO reports was arrested for a more earthbound problem: allegedly faking torn trousers.

Gaylon Linn Murphy, 52, of Irvine, was arrested on Thursday for investigation of attempted grand theft, according to an Irvine police statement released Friday.

Murphy had been trying to get a local restaurant called Houston's to reimburse him, claiming he had damaged his designer pants in a fall in the restroom, police said.

Murphy claimed the trousers were part of a suit valued between $500 and $1,800, police said.

When Houston's manager called a clothing store to verify the value of the pants, he was told that a Home Depot in Irvine had made a similar call because Murphy was trying to get that store to pay for his trousers, police Lt. Rick Handfield said.

The clothing store also said Murphy had requested a letter stating the value of the suit, Handfield said.

Murphy was booked at the Orange County Jail, where he was held Saturday on $20,000 bail, according to inmate information on the Sheriff's Department Web site.

Murphy is known locally for selling radio-controlled toy saucers with flashing lights. Murphy and the toy's creator, Steve Zingali, sell them for $1,000 apiece. Orange County police agencies say nighttime flights of the toys have prompted floods of UFO reports.


“Like gravity, karma is so basic we often don't even notice it.”

Sakyong Mipham

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Saturday, 5 July 2008

IFOs: (LITS) UFO Balloons, Chinese Lanterns & Misidentifications

I have been aware of UFO Balloons and their inevitable misinterpretation as UFOs since (at least) back in 2005. However it wasn't until 2006 that I first thought about writing something due to the UFO Balloon sightings and subsequent UFO reports showing signs of being a real problem in future years as the release of these balloons at celebratory events -such as weddings- was/is escalating dramatically. I also researched them quite a bit as one of the sightings that received a lot of media coverage in 2006 literally drifted straight over my residence at the time.

2007 saw another increase of these ‘UFO Balloons' and more importantly the media started to take a real interest which peaked in July with the Stratford UFO report and never really dipped, now we're into 2008 and it seems as if these UFO-Balloons are becoming the most misidentified aerial object of the minute and shows no signs of easing up. Also as the summer months are upon us I can see no immediate relief from UFO-Balloons/Fire lanterns in the near future.

Unfortunately (and yet again!!) the finished article is too involved and it's simply not practical to post as a Blog entry so you can consider this short post a teaser!!

UFO-Balloon/Fire Lanterns Compilation Video

To read more about UFO Balloons/Fire Lanterns being misidentified and mistakenly reported as UFOs then please visit here (click on text).

You will find details of the Loughton 2006 UFO report/s, the Sunderland 2006 UFO report/s and the 2007 Stratford upon Avon UFO report/s as well as witness accounts, witness videos and images. Not to mention a history of the UFO Balloon/Fire Lantern specifically as it applies to the UK UFO scene as well as how the media have covered the phenomenon so far.

Visit The IFO/UFO Balloon webpage here.

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Sunday, 15 June 2008

The Dreamland Drones & New Chances?

The Dreamland Drones

After being out of the ‘Drone scene' for a few months Whitley Strieber has rekindled his involvement by attempting to resuscitate the Drone subject which has itself been in remission for a couple of months now. Whitley made a couple or so posts regarding the Drones last June (2007) when the Drone images and witnesses were coming thick and fast. In fact to the best of my knowledge Whitley has only made a few posts in total regarding the California Drones, here's an extract from his previous Drone revelation back in December last year:

A Most Complex Encounter - (Dec 11, 2007)

So this experience actually crossed waking and dream. The first time I got out of bed and walked into the living room and saw the trees, I was wide awake and actually moving across realities physically. Then, when I slept and dreamed, the realities unfolded around me. When I saw the drone, I was possibly in yet another universe, different from this one.

So the logical question, at least to me, is this: how could anyone even write such far-fetched nonsense, let alone believe that it really happened?

It seems Whitley Strieber adheres to the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche in that, “There are no facts, only interpretations,” or perhaps a more fitting axiom would be that of Democritus and, “Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion.

Anyway, fast forward six months to a couple of days ago and June 13th, 2008 Whitley posted another Drone related Blog post, an extract follows:

New Chance – (June 13, 2008)

Last summer, the so called "drones" appeared. Linda Moulton Howe and I soon confirmed that the photographs were real, both by what photo analysis could done, and by numerous interviews with witnesses, many of whom were willing to go on the record with their names.

Then there were the Carat documents. These were furiously rebutted on the internet, but when I suggested that somebody create similar images, nobody responded. The reason that they did not respond is contained in a comment made by an engineer, Michael A. Reed of Reed Development Associates, who recently looked at them at Linda Howe's request. He commented, "the things are so complex, they are a little mind boggling!"

This is why none of the people claiming both expertise as draftsmen and that the Carat images were frauds came forward to produce similar but differently constructed images. There were a few knockoffs of the Carat images, but that proves nothing. Anybody can recopy images and make a few changes with a simple drafting program.

Last summer, when I read in the Carat documents the amazing concept of "self-activating software," I knew immediately that this is exactly what the crop circles are. They are activating something in our earth, and, fortunately, there is nothing that the forces of evil, largely embodied in government, its lying shills in the media, and farmers who destroy the circles as fast as possible, can do about this. This is because the effect is instantaneous, and by the time the destroyers reach a given circle, it's already too late.”

RE: The photographs were real, both by what photo analysis could done, and by numerous interviews with witnesses, many of whom were willing to go on the record with their names.”

In the same sentence as, “Photographs were real” he ascertains this by, "Both by what photo analysis could done, and by numerous interviews with witnesses.”

It seems as if Whitley has been studying at the Linda Moulton Howe School of Investigative Journalism!!

Firstly we have the ambiguous error of, “could done,” is this, “was done” or, “could be done?” (More importantly where is this analysis and has it been subjected to peer review?)

And secondly which photo witnesses have been interviewed or for that matter which photo witnesses have been proven to disclose their real name/s?

ALL of the original photo witnesses disappeared without a trace, well all except Rajman1977 who posted twice on the OM forums before promptly disappearing into cyberspace. Also all of the witnesses have stopped answered any follow-up emails which were sent to the addresses from where their emails originated.

“Then there were the Carat documents. These were furiously rebutted on the internet, but when I suggested that somebody create similar images, nobody responded.”

Hold on a minute, I've seen many, many replications of the CARET documents. But this is of course easily dismissed by Whitley saying that:

There were a few knockoffs of the Carat images, but that proves nothing. Anybody can recopy images and make a few changes with a simple drafting program.”

Apparently not everybody can recopy text in the same fashion as I think we can safely assume that the "Carat" Whitley speaks of is actually "CARET". You may think that's an easy mistake to make, but not when you consider it's an acronym of:

"Commercial Applications Research For Extraterrestrial Technology".

And Whitley repeatedly misspells this simple acronym -never once spelling it correctly- suggesting to me that perhaps Whitley isn't quite as knowledgeable about the Drone phenomenon as he would like us to believe.

But back to the question and what is it exactly Whitley is asking of people? He suggested someone create similar images and when this was done it was simply dismissed as copying the originals!! The fact of the matter is that the originals are fairly unique in their design, well they're unique enough so that anyone attempting to replicate them would have to copy the overall design if any kind of comparison were to be made, otherwise how could you distinguish that they were in fact similar images?

This seems to me like it's no more than moving the goalposts…..

When do facts stop being the issue?

Is it a conscious decision or a genuine mistake?

Perhaps it's no more than a genuine mistake, an objective reality that once squeezed through the prism of belief and filtered through personal values becomes fact, but as John Burroughs wrote:

To treat your facts with imagination is one thing,
But to imagine your facts is another.

RE: “Last summer, when I read in the Carat documents the amazing concept of "self-activating software," I knew immediately that this is exactly what the crop circles are.”

Whitley is talking About the, “Functional blueprint” which Isaac specifically states is geometric forms and patterns which fit together to form diagrams,” and that, Once they are drawn, so to speak, on a suitable surface made of a suitable material and in the presence of a certain type of field.”

A suitable surface being that of the face of the earth and a certain type of field being that of a farmers field is a bit of a stretch, don't you think? (And that's regardless of which dimension it allegedly appeared in!! Oh and of course Isaac never refers to it as software).

Can you recall Whitley's opening gambit? “Linda Moulton Howe and I soon confirmed that the photographs were real”

On June 8th of last year in his Blog entry titled, “The Mystery of the Drones” Whitley writes:

Throughout the process, I have obtained analysis of the pictures offered, with little success because of the generally low resolution and the proliferation of effects programs more sophisticated than Photoshop that can make virtually undetectable inclusions in still images……The only thing that prevents me from declaring that they are real is that special effects are just so sophisticate d…..Understand, please, this does NOT mean that I'm endorsing these images . I believe Sylvia , Chad and Mr. Smith, but I cannot endorse the images because I cannot, personally and beyond doubt, prove that they are authentic.”

And on June 29th in his Blog post, “The Drones: Are They Real, and What Do We Do?” Whitley wrote:

“Now, it is VERY important to realize something before I go on, and to take it into your mind and heart: EVEN IF the entire Isaac production is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a hoax, and that may happen.”

Okay, who put a "Stop Payment" on Whitley's reality check?

I hope it's not his personal sighting which transcended several dimensions that Whitley is touting as the proof of the existence of the Drones, as just because he personally fails to accept our *reality* then it doesn't nullify it for the rest of us, or even make it go away for Whitley himself as it'll always be there waiting for him every time when he wakes up, whether it's accepted as such is another matter entirely.

Can you remember the CGI video created by Kris Avery that was claimed to be real by Linda Moulton Howe last May? (Full details here). Well it'll surely come as no surprise to learn that Whitley apparently made the same mistake. On May 25 th last year Unknown Country made a Blog post called, “'Drone' Almost Certainly Real” that contained the following text:

“Both Linda Howe and Unknowncountry have resources in various engineering disciplines. An Unknowncountry source at NASA has said that the object is far from any known technology. "If it is using electrostatic lift, then it would have to be extremely light, perhaps on the order of a few pounds, but then where would the energy come from? Electrostatic lift is a laboratory phenomenon, as far as I know."

We asked him to comment on this statement by an engineer queried by Linda Howe. The engineer said, "The design strategy of charged ion shaped plasma 'buoyancy' devices does bear some relevancy here. For instance, the circular array of curved 'antennae' coming out of the center of the device is very similar to a form of wave guide shaping mechanism for a charged plasma ion field."

This was quickly changed to: “Drone Appears on You Tube” with the claims that it was real removed, then witin hours it changed again to, “Drone Appears on You Tube--But Original Photos Still Stand Up ” with the text completely changed to:

"Super-clear photos of a bizarre UFO have caused an international sensation, and now CGI experts are showing just how perfect fakes can be, but so far there is no evidence at all that the 'Chad' photos posted on Flikr, and the 'Alabama' photo posted on Earthfiles.com are fakes. Headers on the Chad photos indicate that they were taken with a Konica Minolta DiMAGE X at an ISO Speed of 100 and a resolution of 72dpi on May 6 at 5:43 PM. In addition, Linda Moulton Howe leads off Dreamland today with a convincing interview with a witness who saw the 'drone' two years ago. So the evidence still favors the original photos being real. BUT the drone is now being reproduced perfectly using CGI technology. It is virtually impossible to tell whether or not the original photographs are real, but the depth of evidence Linda Howe is presenting remains compelling. To see an expert video that has been created of the 'drone,' click here. This is probably CGI work, but it, also, could be a real video of such a drone in testing.”

This is all documented by a user who left several comments on Mac Tonnies Blog, “Posthuman Blues” the poster also wrote that:

So, the first unknown country (UC) article on the CGI fake, endorsing it as "almost certainly real" was replaced by the second, which reversed course to suggest belatedly the "craft" just might be a fake, and now a _third_ version of the article appears, changing course again, rewritten and now including a note that Strieber will be interviewing Howe on the UC "Dreamland" radio program about the "craft" perhaps _still_ being real, based on the original "Chad" and secondary "Alabama" photos (which are different, and also fakes), but that _now_ other CGI fakes may be surfacing from other sources from elsewhere, including a YouTube video using CGI of the "craft" taking off from the ground at a location that appears to have a large white building, on the left, which may be an aircraft hanger.”

Mac replied that:

I'm not the least bit surprised. Strieber probably realized how lame the story was and decided to pretend it never happened. He's done it before.”

And finally, I'll leave you with a Whitley Strieber quote that sums the entire debacle up better than I ever could…..

“So the logical question, at least to me, is this: how could anyone even write such far-fetched nonsense, let alone believe that it really happened?”

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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Heavyweight Digital Image Expert Weighs In On Drones, Calling Hoax (Again!!)

Back in May last year (2007) The Paracast broadcast their regular podcast with Gene Steinberg & David Biedny, on it they covered the California Drone Flap. This was a fairly discreet offering and passed under the radar of a lot of people who are interested in the Drones. Proponents of the Drones are quick to shout that no known professional digital image analysts are willing to go on record with any kind of judgement regarding the images, well enter David Biedny, as far as expert analysts go they don't come with credentials much more impeccable than Biedny's!!

David Biedny has been interested in the hard science aspects of the paranormal world since youth, and especially due to his formative years spent in Caracas, Venezuela . He has personally witnessed the range of the absurd to the truly unexplainable in the realm of paranormal phenomenon, and these experiences have forged the foundation of his curiosity and desire to uncover the truth of the limitations of our knowledge of the wondrous possibilities of nature and the Universe.

Listen to the relevant section of the Paracast.

David Biedny on why he thinks the Californian Drones are hoax.

"David Biedny is the President & Technical Director of IDIG, Inc. he is a leading digital effects, graphics and multimedia expert. His writing, educational efforts, multimedia and special effects work have enjoyed global exposure. He is considered by many longtime industry players to be one of the technical and creative pioneers of personal computer-based multimedia.

Biedny was formerly President and Technical Director of Incredible Interactivity Inc., a pioneering New York based firm which created multimedia projects and products for companies such as General Motors, Knoll International, Apple Computer, HBO, American Express, The American International Group and AT&T, among others. In recent years, he has participated as a project director/interface designer/consultant for a variety of CD-ROM/software projects, including BeInfinite Infinite FX(TM) for Adobe Illustrator (special effects plug-in product, first commercially shipping plug-in for Illustrator in the U.S.), Penthouse Interactive (Project Director), The Haight-Ashbury in the Sixties! CD-ROM (Biedny is a technical advisor for Rockument, Inc ., the publisher) and Quantum Gate I and II (Biedny is on the advisory board of Hyperbole Studios ).

Biedny has also been a key interface/feature consultant/beta tester for many of the major multimedia tools currently on the market. His involvement with computer graphics includes participating as a feature and interface consultant for key applications such as ImageStudio (the first mass market digital retouching software for the Macintosh platform), PixelPaint, ColorStudio (Biedny conceived the Shapes vector graphics capabilities unique to that product), Altamira Composer (which was acquired by Microsoft) and Photoshop (David was user #4, spec'd many of the key features of the product, and was included in the credits for Photoshop 1.0). Most recently, David conceived of the name for Eric Wenger's ArtMatic texture generation and animation software. David was also a seed site for the original Power Macintosh computer, and has been credited with helping conceive of the "Power Macintosh" name. David is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, and IDIG is an Adobe Authorized Training Provider.

Other technology consulting clients also include Landor Associates, LucasArts Entertainment, Microsoft, Broderbund Software, Ressmeyer Starlight (Roger Ressmeyer is the world's leading space photographer) and Kraft Robot. IDIG is also involved in designing graphics for a variety of WWW pages, including the infamous Surfing Monkey site and Chuck Farnham's Weird World (both recently taken offline), among others. IDIG has also recently produced graphics and processed digital imagery for the McGuire Real Estate web site, one of the larger real estate agents in the Bay area.

Biedny was a founding editor of MacUser and Macintosh Today, formerly a Contributing Editor for MacWorld , New Media and the Macromedia User Journal and, and has written for Windows Sources, ID, MacUser, MacWeek, The New Media Showcase, Morph's Outpost on the Digital Frontier and Computer Graphics World, among others. He co-authored, with Bert Monroy, the award winning, best selling Official Adobe Photoshop Handbook , published by Bantam/Random House, as well as Adobe Photoshop: A Visual Guide (published by Addison-Wesley). His newest book, Photoshop Channel Chops (co-authored with collaborators Bert Monroy and Nathan Moody), is published by New Riders Publishing. He is currently producing a leading Photoshop video series, Photoshop Inside & Out™ , and is hosting the definitive Photoshop web portal, Photoshop Central .

He has taught Interactive Multimedia Design and Advanced Imaging for the MFA program of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, and rejoined the faculty in the spring of 1993 as an ISDN-based TeleTeacher from his Marin home. Recently a faculty member of the San Francisco State University Multimedia Studies Program, Biedny has been a top-rated lecturer and speaker at the Kodak Center for Creative Imaging, Seybold Seminars, Stanford University, UCSC Multimedia Extensions Program, Pratt, MacWorld and NCGA, among others."[1]

After reading the above I'm sure you can appreciate that David Biedny is possibly one of the most qualified people around today regarding digital imaging and so his opinion undoubtedly carries more weight than your average hobbyist and indeed more than the vast majority of professionals.

Just recently he posted a comment at the ATS forum (3rd May 2008) on the Drone thread stating that:

I'm one of the people who instantly saw that these images were fakes, CG elements composited onto photographic background plates. Jeff Ritzmann & I could immediately tell that the first image was a total fake, and the silly story from "Chad" made if painfully clear that this was all nonsense, perhaps perpetrated by C2C & LMH in order to drum up some traffic and interest. Subsequent images were increasingly more ridiculous. From the fact that these images don't match up to any morphology we've seen in over 60 years of publicly reported UFO sightings, to the childish typefaces, the obvious rendered look of the "craft", the lighting mismatch between the CG element and the background plates, what more do you need?”[2]

So now we have David Biedny & Jeff Ritzman to add to the list of at least another five professionals in the digital imagery/analysis field who say that these images are obvious fakes.

Mr Steve Reichmuth (Mufon - Northern California, SSD - Alameda / Contra Costa Co.) announced in May of last year that Mufon had contacted two outside specialists to undertake an evaluation of these images, these are Mr Steve Neil who has and continues to do computer generated images for the History channels television program 'UFO Files'.

And a Mr. Marc D'Antonio, who owns and operates a business in Connecticut named FX Models. Also, I personally exchanged several emails with Mr D'Antonio last year and as well as the original images, Mr. D'Antonio was also convinced that all of the subsequent images as well as those of the antigrav device which was included in the Isaac documentation were obvious fakes.

Steve Reichmuth wrote, “Marc is a former MUFON Field investigator, and has taught Astronomy for a number of years at a local area east coast college. Both Marc & Steve I would consider well grounded and I would consider them both 'non-skeptics' related to 'UFO's. They think UFO's are 'real' and likely 'extraterrestrial' in origin. Marc works with computer generated images every day. Both experts state all images of this object are clearly fakes. Mr. D' Antonio is one of my valued expert contacts I network with in studying UFO photographs. He has volunteered to assist in future cases.

Marc examined the Coast to Coast images days earlier week (May 10) earlier. I contacted Marc again when this latest witness report was posted on CMS shortly later (May 12, 2007). Attached images have been studied by these two friends in the Special visual computer effects industry. They both independently state this object is clearly a CG fake.”[3]

Again by way of Mufon and Steve Reichmuth we have been told that that Dr Bruce Maccabee (optical physicist employed by the U.S. Navy and leading UFO researcher) and Mr. Jeff Sainio also believed that the images were faked, Steve Reichmuth wrote:

Later with permission from Mufon, our own Mufon photo consultants, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, and Mr. Jeff Sainio. It was felt important for MUFON experts to also verify the other experts to either confirm or dispute everyone's findings. The result was unanimous the images were fakes. Interestingly, peer review brought out new different reasons among the main reasons they were regarded as hoaxes. So apparently, there are a number of 'red flags' as to why the images are untruthful being claimed to be authentic. The analysis was objective, knowing all these experts opinions lean toward that UFO's being likely alien craft. Two of the outside experts are even possible abductees, so their 'slant' if anything is pre-existing.... it is towards UFO's being extraterrestrial in a very personal way. Still, the outside Mufon experts emphatically stated they were most definitely bogus.”[4]

Again I've personally contacted Dr. Maccabee myself and as recently as the 16 th April 2008 he confirmed that he's highly suspicious of the authenticity of the images, and James Carrion (Director of Mufon) also confirmed to me personally that Dr Maccabee and Mr. Jeff Sainio were in fact consulted by Mufon in their capacity as digital imaging experts to offer an analysis of the Drone images.

And lastly we have Kris Avery who has stated his belief that the Drone images were faked since they first appeared, you will probably recognise the name as he's the person who along with fellow forum member, “DroneOnline” created the Drone music video which was such a success that it led to many people who were unfamiliar with the Drone case claiming that he was actually the original hoaxer. Kris is a CGI artist based in the UK and his business website, “Kaptive Studios” may be viewed here.

I guess the question is how much expert analysis will suffice before it is accepted?

IDIG - Personnel (David Biedny)
[2] ATS Forums
[3] Steve Reichmuth email to UFOUpdates

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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

YouTube Haiti UFO Hoaxer Reveals Other YouTube UFO Videos

I'm sure everyone has seen and can remember the furore that the YouTube video of a UFO in Haiti caused last year, the video views are currently at a staggering 7,404,911 and is only six months old.

YouTube Haiti UFO Hoax

A couple of days after it was released I created a short video on why I personally believed it was fake.

David Nicolas later released another video to LATimes showing what appeared to be two grannies flying the same UFO as in the Haiti video by using a remote control, it was of course CGI but a lot of people missed this subtle point and thought it was an actual remote controlled vehicle such was the quality of the video.

I know the vast majority of people realised that the Haiti YouTube video was undoubtedly a hoax, more...especially so after David Sarno of the LA Times secured an interview with the creator/hoaxer of the clip. Incredulously, there were STILL people who doubted the validity of the admission, I guess you just can't tell some people. Here's an interview with David Sarno where he explains who by, how and why the UFO's were created.

YouTube Haiti UFO Hoaxer

The creator, David Nicolas (a.k.a. Barzolff814) is part of Partizan. which is an international community of directors with offices in London , Los Angeles , New York and Paris . Since launching in 1991 we have developed some of the most talented and exciting directors in the world.

Partizan began by making music videos, then grew and expanded into commercials, short films, feature films, and more recently TV content and branded content. His biography page at Partizan says that:

Definitive Proof of Haiti UFO Hoax (Again)


“David Nicolas was born in 1969 in Aix-en-Provence where he spent the early days of his childhood. At a very young age, drawing started to play a large role in his life and with his older brother Laurent, they started experimenting with drawings together.

David's first foray into the Dark Room came when he took the internet by storm with a series of viral films he made while researching his first feature project, a comedy about the biggest UFO hoax of all time. The film is to be produced by Partizan Films over the next year. The clips David made showed UFOs flying across the skies of Haiti , the Dominican Republic and Brooklyn . They clocked up over 3 million hits within their first two weeks on YouTube and were featured in the LA Times, on CNN and on Fox News.

At the age of 21, after sitting an entrance exam, David was accepted into the, “Gobelins de Paris” School of animation where he studied for 3 years. He acquired a basic knowledge of animation and briefly started to work on 3D animation. With the help of his computer, he taught himself how to make his first short films in 2D animation.”


YouTube Haiti UFO

Nicolas has since revealed that he created (and released on YouTube) several prequels to the Haiti UFO clip, the chances are that you've inadvertently seen these already, but just in case, here they are!! (Video removed due to 'copyright claim').

You can also see them at David Nicolas' page at Partizan by visiting here.

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Saturday, 11 August 2007

YouTube - Haiti UFO And The Dominican Republic UFO - YouTube UFO Hoax - Faked?

Haiti And The Dominican Republic - YouTube UFO Hoax - Faked?
To discuss this video and it's conclusions further, please visit our, “ Haiti And Dominican Republic Faked UFO” thread in our UFO Forums.
Hoax Or Not?!?

Have a look and judge for yourself....

These are just one or two of a great many things that bother me regarding the authenticity of this video, I intend to cover these in the update.

Haiti UFO And The Dominican Republic UFO

YouTube UFO Hoax - Faked

(You may just want to skip to the bottom as it's already undoubtedly a HOAX)

Well, this post has been promised for a couple of days or so now, so here goes……….

I still stand by my statement that a couple of the palm trees which are prominent in the Haiti & Dominican Republic UFO videos are not just similar, but that they are identical. It seems that a great many people were very quick to point out that palms of a certain genus always appear similar but I feel this truly is a case of, “Not being able to see the wood for the trees.”

Have a look at the two stills below, the top one is from the Haiti UFO clip, and the bottom one is from the Dominican Republic UFO clip.

Here we have exactly the same image comparison with the brightness levels adjusted so the difference in colour doesn't detract from what you are looking at

Similar, or identical enough for the differences to be negligible?

Also, remember that if my assumptions are correct then this image would differ very slightly depending on the point of view of the camera (in the 3d world), coupled with the fact that the software used boasts real-time, “Wind effects.” So, for all these images may not be absolutely 100% identical, I challenge anybody anywhere to find me an image (that is not a CGI) to match this distinctive pattern, especially as they are allegedly so common throughout the palm tree world!!

And please feel free to email me with any evidence. Although after saying that I am pretty sure that anyone who can't see the obvious similarities between these two images won't have read this far anyway!! But the actual structure of the trees is identical; we're not talking about the odd leaf here, but the trunk as well.

I didn't want my video to turn into a marketing video for Vue-6. But it seems that unless I draw the (obvious?) parallels then people persistently think I'm, “Debunking” just for the sheer hell of it!!

So………………….. VUE6

And now onto the fabled VUE6, for those who are not aware of VUE6 and its capabilities,. VUE6 is a piece of software which pretty much allows you to create complete virtual worlds.

So can many others, BUT, do any of the others have a small demonstration video available that appears to show the setting of the recent Haiti & Dominican Republic UFO?

And even better, does any other software have a promotional video that shows what would appear to be one of the palm trees visible in the Haiti & Dominican Republic UFO?

Again have a look at the images below.

Vue6 Palm on the left & Dominican Republic Palm on the left.

And, original format with Vue6 Palm being on the right.

ATS : ProjectDreamland on the ATS Haiti UFO thread found what would appear to be a pefect match for the gasp that you can hear in the Dominican Republic gasp.The file was found and can be listened to HERE.

I was more than intrigued at how this .aiff file was located so quickly (but I'll save that theory for another time.)

Also, while I've been writing this, another video has been posted on YouTube, well, just have a look.

Haiti & Dominican Republic UFO's = Hoax!!

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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Chad (Coast To Coast) - Latest UFO Pictures - Too Good To Be True? Look & Judge for yourself!

It would seem that there is quite a bit of furore about these latest UFO pictures, the American Chronicle ran the story just two days ago (May 13th) questioning the credibility of these photos and muses,

“As you can see, the detail is quite unsurpassed for a 'UFO' picture. Clear(ish) markings underneath indicate an as yet unknown language. Some pundits have suggested that the 'letters' are some kind of Asian extraction and that the whole thing has been CGI produced (using clever computer graphics)”

Well I believed this question was answered thoroughly and accurately in our UFO-Forums back on the 9th May by one of the Forum moderators, “Area51”. But upon further investigation doubts have been raised. Firstly it has transpired that Coast To Coast uses Adobe Elements to edit their pictures and secondly not every letter has a corresponding letter in the respective alphabet, although the resemblance is still striking.

Have a look and judge for yourself…..

To view further photos and to read the evidence collected, visit here. And while you're there why not sign up to our UFO Forums and I'm sure you'll find some interesting information there and we'd love to hear your opinions.

UFO - Too Good To Be True?

To view further photographs and to get the full story, visit here.

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Monday, 9 April 2007

Watch, The Infamous "Alien Autopsy" Video & Stanton Friedman Debunk It.

A couple of clips regarding the Alien autopsy. So first of all we have Stanton Friedman on exactly Why The Alien Autopsy video is fake, then we have the Alien autopsy footage itself.


The term alien autopsy is used within the UFOlogical community to refer to the supposed examination of an extraterrestrial cadaver by government authorities. Belief in alien autopsies is a common element of UFO conspiracy theory. Film footage, purporting to show an alien autopsy was promoted during the 1990s by Ray Santilli, a London-based video entrepreneur. However, Santilli announced in 2006 that the film was not genuine.

Ray Santilli and fellow producer Gary Shoefield announced that their film was only partially real (a "few frames", in their words), while the rest was a reconstruction of twenty-two rolls of film, averaging four minutes in length, which Santilli had viewed in 1992 but which had subsequently degraded from humidity and heat. They said that only a few frames of the original were still intact by the time they had raised enough money to purchase it. Santilli and Shoefield stated that they had "restored" the damaged footage by filming a simulated autopsy on a fabricated alien, based upon what Santilli saw in 1992, and then adding in a few frames of the original film that had not degraded. They have not identified which parts are original footage.

Watch, The Infamous "Alien Autopsy" Video

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