Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Continental Airlines Pilot Reports UFO - FBI Investigates (May 26th 2008)

The FBI are investigating this incident although all early reports tend to suggest that it was little more than an amateur ‘rocket enthusiast’.

Is this public announcement of an imminent investigation because the fact that a smoke trail was present and it’s a relatively safe bet that this was the result of an amateur rocketeer?

The main reason for the investigation if early media reports are to be believed isn’t to identify the UFO but rather to assess exactly how close the object was and if it posed any kind of threat.

No doubt model rocket enthusiasts will bear the brunt of this investigations as it has already been reported that those in and around the Houston area have already been approached and questioned by the authorities.

Or is this an all too convenient explanation? Unfortunately (and with the information available) as well as being the most convenient it's also undoubtedly the most likely....

HOUSTON -- The FBI and the Federal Aviation Administration said they are investigating a report from a Continental Airlines pilot, who told air-traffic controllers that a possible model rocket with a flaming tail and a trail of smoke was flying ahead of the plane shortly after takeoff Monday.

Although the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force is involved in the investigation, officials said they believe the object was a model rocket.

FAA spokesman Roland Herwig stated: " We don't know for sure what the object was. But we think it might be somebody doing model rocketing…..The pilot saw the rocket and some people saw the rocket's trail. Building rockets is a legitimate hobby, but hobbyists have to let the FAA know what they're doing. "

The pilot spotted the object flying at 5,000 feet about 11 miles east of George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston . Flight 1544 continued its trip from Houston to Cleveland after reporting the object to air traffic controllers. Scott Wilson, a spokesman for the FBI's Cleveland office, said in a story in The Plain Dealer that the plane wasn't in danger and landed safely. Continental Airlines spokeswoman Kelly Cripe declined to discuss what crew members had seen aboard the Boeing 737, which carried 148 passengers. The plane did not change course and was not damaged.

FBI spokeswoman Shauna Dunlap said::

"We don't know if it was a rocket or what…..We will interview everyone and determine the validity of what was seen. "

Robert Morehead, an engineer and president of the Amateur Spaceflight Association in Houston , said model rockets routinely can reach as high as 40,000 feet. He said model rocket enthusiasts are supposed to notify the FAA if a rocket is entering controlled airspace.

Laura Brown, an FAA spokeswoman in Washington D.C. told the Chronicle that model rockets have crossed paths with planes before but have never struck them. She also said that the Memorial Day holiday weekend was a good time for a launch.


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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Watch NPC Pilot UFO Conference Video Clip

NPC Pilot UFO Conference

I recently made a Blog post entitled, “Is Full UFO Disclosure Beckoning? (The Reality as Seen by Former High Level Government and Military Officials)

Well as the event was held on Monday (12th Nov 2007) it has of course already occurred, apparently it played out pretty much as expected, i.e. no major revelations but hopefully it made people sit up and take notice.

Several major News groups have run with the story, including CNN and the majority of the internet news sites are still running it. Unfortunately at the time of writing the conference has yet to be posted in its entirety so you’ll have to make this with this five minute clip for now. The quality is not the best but it will have to suffice for the present!!

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Sunday, 16 September 2007

Bush, The Mortgage Mess And The Alien?!

Are there Aliens in the White House?

Reuters recently ran this story:

“Bush weighs in on mortgage mess.

Aug. 31 - President Bush and Fed Chief Ben Bernanke both say no bailout for speculators in housing while White House pushes plan to help some people keep homes.

At the White House, President George W. Bush adopted a tough love stance toward speculators and homeowners who over-reached during the housing boom. “

And accompanying the article was a short video of Bush giving his speech, and over Bush's left shoulder there is what would appear to be an alien peeking through the window!!

You don't have to endure it for long as it's only 17 seconds in…

Here's a still of the video.

Here's the same still but brighter.

Here's a close up of the alien.

Here's the same close up with slight adjustments to brightness etc.

Grant Cameron of PresidentialUFO.Com has cropped and cleaned up some more images of this and here is one of his,

there are more on his, “
Bush & The Alien Page

Now with all of the recent UFO related hoaxes one may well be skeptical, but the more I watch it the clip, the more intrigued I become, is it just a light anomaly or a distorted reflection perhaps, but of what? (Yes, it's actually there, it's visible for the duration of his televised speech!!)

And here's just his speech

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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

UFO News Repot - UFO - Two Reports On The O'Hare Airport UFO Sighting

Just in case you missed any footage when this incident actually occurred here’s the news clip that set the internet buzzing as it shows a discussion off camera that re-enforces the beliefs of the interviewer and interviewee about how excited they both are at this UFO sighting.

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Monday, 21 May 2007

Watch Look North, Leeds UFO News Report – February 2007

Even regional TV is getting in on the UFO act by airing footage that they received from a viewer of a UFO. A Look North weatherman being the recipient, the report also includes a spectacular photo of lenticular cloud formation, a subject which adds a little credence to a couple of UFO debunkers theories, as from a distance they, “Could” appear similar to a UFO.

Lenticular Cloud - Mistaken For UFO's
I've also included a couple of pictures of lenticular clouds,
so you can judge for yourself.
Lenticular cloud - Stamp

Clip also includes second broadcast the following day when it's thought to be debris re-entering the earths atmosphere.

To Discuss The Look North News Report, Visit Here.

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Watch UFO News Report , “This Morning” (UK TV) Feb 2007

A short report on the UFO phenomenon presented on the UK TV show, “This Morning.” As is par for the course it's a rather watered down and inherently bias viewpoint. It still seems that the fear of ridicule permeates and taints the belief systems of the mainstream media, whose jovial demeanour and dismissive attitudes do nothing to further any serious investigation into this much misunderstood phenomena.

The enthusiasm with which Eamonn Holmes has read his notes on the subject is apparent within the first minute or so of the broadcast, with Holmes claiming there are hundreds of yearly sightings while the report states there is one every three minutes!! (That means approximately. 20 per hour, 480 per day, 3360 per week, 13,340 per month and a staggering 161,280 a year!!)

To Discuss The This Morning News Report, Visit Here.

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Watch News Report, Brighton UFO Sightings Reported on BBC – May 17th 2003

It seems even the UK military are having run-ins with UFO's, as a UFO invades UK airspace.
Or is it swamp gas, oil fields, lighthouse, weather balloon etc. etc. etc.

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