Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Mothman UK?

The following account was posted on the 20th December (2009) by a “Davey (Geordie Dave) Curtis” and was titled, “Mothman in Seaham on Sea? Hmmmmm”.

Obviously it's not my usual fare but due both to the close proximity to me and the fact that it is involving one of my favourite mythological (?) creatures complete with Keel references then I thought it warranted a mention.

There are images of the locations available at the Cryptozoology Online Blog (here).

Dear Jon,

I have written up this story because I think the people concerned are telling the truth, but you never know. An interesting story has came to my attention about a possible Mothman/Owlman-type sighting that warranted closer inspection. I don't know what to make of it, but this is what I have learnt so far. I have had to change the names of the people concerned for reasons I will explain later. On the outskirts of Seaham on the northeast coast of England there is a pub called the Pemberton Arms, known to everybody as the `White House` because for as long as anyone can remember, it has been... wait for it... painted white. A married couple in their early 40s (Phil and Kate, I'll call them) had gone there on Saturday evening (10th of October) to watch a live band.

Now, I don't if the band they had wanted to see had not turned up or what, but they had decided to leave early (Just after 10pm, they tell me) and because it was unusually warm for that time of year, walk back into town for a few jars to finish off the night. They left the pub, turned right and walked down the lane that would lead them to the well-lit main road into town. As they got to the end of the lane something caught their eye in the field next to the fence. At first they thought it was a Shire horse because of its size but it was definitely not a Shire horse. Phil and Kate both told me that it was man-shaped, at least 7 feet tall, jet black with piercing red eyes, and it just stood there, motionless.

Phil and Kate looked at it in disbelief for about 15 seconds, then it let out a scream like a fox before “disappearing straight down like it had fell down a well or trap door!” That did it! Phil and Kate then ran like Hell onto the main road until they stopped near the recently built water treatment plant, exhausted and out of breath. Phil tried to phone a taxi but found his mobile phone was dead , although it was working fine back at the pub. So half running, half walking, constantly looking about them, they got back home, terrified out of their wits, unable to understand what they had just witnessed.

Three weeks later, when they felt able to, they wanted to talk to me.

I have known this couple for about 20 years and I don't think it is a hoax. They are very upset that this has happened to them and did not want to talk about it to anyone for fear of ridicule. They are angry and confused, “Why us?” They said. They want to put it all behind them. They only came to me because they remember me talking a few years back about my visit to Loch Morar in Scotland to look into sightings of a creature there and so thought I may be able to help them. But apart from recommending they read Alien Animals and me assuring them they are not alone in witnessing strange beings, I could offer little help. What can you say to somebody who has witnessed the unexplainable?

Now things get weirder!

The name of the place where this thing was seen is Cold Hesledon. As soon as I made the Cold connection to Indrid Cold, Mothman and Point Pleasant, a lot of other things that John Keel had written about in The Moth Man Prophecies started falling into place. I re-read his book and discovered that according to John Keel, phenomena like this is attracted to certain things.

He mentioned power lines - there is a sub station approx 50 feet from the sighting

He mentioned military bases - there is a old R.A.F radar and underground bunker approx 200 feet away

He mentioned ley lines and the name Cold cropping up in ancient settlements - (this is the icing on the cake for me) it just so happens that the original Cold Hesledon was an medieval village, long deserted!

So there you have it: food for thought!

If our Tall Dark Friend turns up again I'll let you know.


Davy C

Source: Cryptozoology Online

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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Sunderland UK UFO: Cylindrical UFO Sighting – Wednesday 29th October, 2008

The following was recently posted to the UFOCasebook forum by a new member who signed up to report the sighting and also to ask for any information regarding it:

Wed 29th Oct, 2008 – Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, North-East England.

"At around 9.00am, I was looking out of a west-facing upstairs window in my house when I saw an airliner coming from the north and heading roughly southwest at maybe 2,000 – 3,000 feet. It was clearly visible and stood out against a cloudless blue sky. I watched the plane for a few seconds before I realised there was something wrong with what I was looking at – the body of the plane was very wide and it was travelling too slowly for an airliner at that height. I grabbed a small pair of 10x25 binoculars and was able to focus on the plane for maybe half a minute before it moved out of sight behind nearby trees.

Through the binoculars I could see it wasn't an airliner, but a rocket-shaped cylinder – cream or off-white in colour – travelling horizontally like a cruise missile. There were no wings or fins, no markings, no flashing lights, and no flames or smoke trail. The front of the cylinder was definitely pointed and the end was solid, with no darkened area to suggest a jet exhaust.

Guessing the altitude to be 1,000 feet, I estimated the cylinder to be about 50 feet long (but this could all be way out) and I came to the conclusion that it must be some sort of balloon drifting in the wind. To confirm this theory, I emailed the UK Met Office on Thursday morning who told me the wind direction at 9.00am on Wednesday was westerly. This means the object was travelling against the wind under its own power. Very difficult to estimate its speed, but I would guess around 100 - 150mph.

I'm sure no self-respecting alien would be seen dead travelling around in a magnolia-painted space craft so I'm assuming the cylinder originated on this planet. Whatever it was, the sky was so clear it must have been seen by dozens if not hundreds of people as it headed southwest from the north of England . If anybody saw it or knows what it was, would you please enlighten me.


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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

MoD Files - North East UK UFO Reports

While the media coverage of the last two days (since the release of the MoD UFO files) is almost at epidemic proportions I always try and post my regional (North-East) UFO related stories, so here's an article regarding the six-years worth of UFO files (and of course which are relevant to North East) from the Evening Chronicle.

Evening Chronicle - UFO Story

Secret files reveal Tyneside UFO sightings

SECRETS of strange happenings on Tyneside have been revealed in unseen UFO files. Glowing lights and amber aircraft are among the night-sky mysteries which spooked people in the region between 1986 and 1992. The classified Ministry of Defence (MoD) reports were released for the first time yesterday, published by the National Archives. And among the hundreds of descriptions are dozens from the North East.

A night security guard in Newcastle was baffled by a white lights hovering over the city in 1987. On June 30 he alerted RAF Boulmer to the flying saucer sighting, which he said lasted 15 to 20 minutes. The former member of the armed forces wrote: “A large, white light was travelling west to east. The other five lights travelled in various directions.” He described the weather conditions as clear, but said it was too high to estimate the distance of the lights.

Meanwhile, three terrified Gosforth residents made separate reports of a green object in the sky above Newcastle in the same year, on March 6. One UFO spotter looked out of his window and was shocked to see what he described as a pale, bright, green object. The report continued: “Nil sound or smell. Steady movement, then it disappeared.” It was reported to Northumbria Police and then to Newcastle Airport . Police were alerted to the green object by a second Gosforth resident, who described the light as green and glowing. It was seen outside his house for a few minutes.

Then a third report came from a Gosforth resident, who made the sighting while outdoors in Longbenton. He saw a green sphere for five minutes and immediately alerted the police. Six months later a customs officer spotted a bizarre sight near Newcastle Airport . He claimed to see an unusual aircraft for one or two minutes, which he described as a cigar-shaped object, gold and orange, with bright lights on descent. The police officer who took the call seemed convinced by the report and said the caller sounded rational and intelligent, although a little breathless.

North East Of England UFO

Another UFO was reported near the airport in November 1987, when someone spent 15 to 20 minutes watching blue and amber lights. The file reads: “One object, approximately the size of helicopter, with blue and amber lights – very bright.” The sky was clear, and the aircraft hardly seemed to move. A neighbour backed up the caller's report and no explanation could be found.

Experts at the MoD created more mystery when they tried to explain UFO sightings near RAF Boulmer in Northumberland in 1987. Responding to a letter about suspected flying saucers, the squadron leader wrote:

“We have checked our records covering the period April 2 to 22, 1987, and are unable to confirm or deny that your reports of unknown targets originated from aircraft taking part in exercises being carried out at the time……I can inform you that our day-to-day practice sorties are carried out over the North Sea and would not normally be visible from the coast…..However, between April 6 and 10, 1987, we were involved in Exercise Mallet Blow and from April 13 to April 15, Exercise Priory took place in a similar area. Both of these events did include a number of low-flying target aircraft which would have flown inland from the North Sea toward firing ranges in the Otterburn area…..Unfortunately I am unable to tie any particular aircraft to any given UFO sighting.”

Alfred Dodds, of the Northumberland UFO Research Centre, says all the reports are vital in helping build up a picture of UFO activity in the region:

I think everybody in the industry is interested in these files…..When we get sightings in, I compare them with sightings that have been registered, so it helps in that way. It gives a better idea of whether to investigate further or not…..A couple of years ago there was a report of two red lights circling each other in a way that airplanes don't do. And when the last files were released, there was a report from down south that was exactly the same…..There have been quite a number of reports from this area in the past five years. These files are very important to shed light.”

(Oct 21, 2008 by Katy Simpson)
Evening Chronicle (Chronicle Live)

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Thursday, 10 January 2008

UK - UFOs in Tyneside now UFOs in Wearside!! (Jan 10th, 2008)

Typical isn't it, there's been no real reports of UFO activity in the North East for quite a while and now two separate local Newspapers decide to run a story about UFOs on the same day!!

The first one called, “North UFO Encounters" by the Journal and the title of the second article in the Gazette asks: “Why is Sunderland a UFO hotspot?”

I would have to ask: “What led to this opinion?” as truth be known the amount of UFOs reported in the Sunderland area could be described as minimal at best, and if you cast a critical eye over these reports the amount (that in my opinion) warrant further investigation are negligible to non-existent, especially over the last year with the most memorable one being dismissed as Venus within a couple of days.

Having said that I sort of understand where the writer (Mike Hallowell) is coming from and if I'm honest the article seems overly diluted but it would appear that this is a necessary evil in order to maintain the interest of the average reader. And it's certainly a nice change to see a local rag at least hinting at the origins and motivations of the UFO phenomenon rather than questioning the existence of it.

I commented several times towards the end of last year that the media in general is taking a less critical approach to UFO sightings and reports, whether this in itself is a conscious decision, a case of following the lead of others or perhaps a signifier of a more publicly tolerant media stance, who can tell?

Perhaps soon we will see a local newspaper entertaining the possibility that they are not extraterrestrial craft as we currently understand them. Perhaps that the phenomenon is a trans-dimensional one, or that UFOs are no more than a result of the collective, fractured human psyche, an involuntary projection of our primal fear or an externalization of these fears, one that is given structure, form and physicality by its respective beholders?

Hopefully these articles are an indicator if things to come, or it could just be a slow news week………….

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UK - Why is Sunderland a UFO hotspot? – Shields Gazette (Jan 10 2008)

Why is Sunderland a UFO hotspot?

RECENTLY there has been a flurry of UFO sightings over the Sunderland area.

To some, this may be disturbing. After all, no one likes to entertain the idea that our skies are being filled with alien invaders from a distant solar system. Personally, however, I quite like the notion that we are entertaining visitors from beyond.

Overall there has been a decline in flying saucer activity in the UK, and if our friends from the other side of the galaxy suddenly got bored with us and stopped coming, then we may never find out who (or what) they are, and why they found planet earth so fascinating in the first place.

One of the big problems with the concept that we are being visited by alien life forms is the distance they would have to travel to reach us. The nearest star to us is more than four light years away, and this means that even if aliens could travel at the speed of light, it would still take them over four years to get here.

Some researchers have postulated that there may be "worm holes" in space, which could acts as portals between one solar system and another. The idea is that you pop into one worm hole and hey, presto, before you know it, you pop out of another millions of light years away, without having to travel the distance in between.

Of course, this notion is still but a theory. Personally, I believe that UFOs probably have their origins much closer to home. It seems unlikely that they originate on another planet in our own solar system, as there are no signs of alien civilisations on Mars, Venus or the other worlds in our vicinity.

Another problem is that life as we know it would probably find it difficult to survive in the hostile conditions those planets present. Is it possible, though, that UFOs could have their origin right here on planet earth? This may not be as strange an idea as one might imagine. For years there have been rumours that there are subterranean worlds hidden under the north and south poles that could house civilisations whose existence we are unaware of.

If such civilisations do indeed exist, they could, theoretically speaking, be in possession of advanced technologies that enable them to build aircraft far beyond our own understanding, and using propulsion systems we can only dream of. Another reason for thinking that the "aliens" may be related to us is the biological similarities between UFO occupants and human beings.

Put aside their strange skin colour, large eyes and antennae, aliens are normally described as having a head, torso, two legs, two arms and facial features pretty much the same as our own. If aliens are similar to us, if not identical, then we can probably assume that they are related to us in the same way that horses and pigs, although not identical, are both mammals and occupy places reasonably close to each other on the evolutionary tree.

If you're ever lucky enough to see the occupant of a UFO, it's a fascinating thought that you may not be staring at an alien from outer space, but a long-lost cousin. Why haven't our ethereal visitors contacted us formally and announced their existence officially to the world?

Well, look at it this way; if you had the chance of making friends with a bunch of people who behave as badly as we humans do, wouldn't you think twice about it?

Source: Mike Hallowell - Shields Gazette

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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Sunderland Echo - 14 November 2007 - UFO spotted over Sunderland - VIDEO

Did space invaders come to Sunderland?

(I happened across this recent article, and as it's my neck of the woods......)

Mum-of-four, Neala Fenton, was pacing the floor in the early hours rocking her baby son back to sleep when she looked out the window and spotted a strange light overhead in the night sky. The 26-year-old grabbed her mobile phone and managed to capture 10 minutes of video footage of the UFO with shining blue and pink lights.

Neala said she had been woken by her five-month-old son, Brandon, shortly before 5am on Monday. The New Herrington housewife said: "I had given him a bottle and was just walking about getting him back to sleep when I looked out of the window and saw this really bright light.

"I wondered what it was and got my phone so I could zoom up on it…….It was like nothing I have ever seen. It was bouncing around and there were different coloured bright lights coming from it."

Neala, who is also mum to Charlotte, seven, Ashleigh, two, and 18-month-old Sarah, said the object was not a plane of any description because it wasn't flying anywhere. She said: "At first it looked like it was just still, but afterwards it was sort of bouncing around, but mostly in the same place. It was in the sky, but not too high up, not as high as a plane would fly."

Neala, who lives in Railway Terrace, said she tried to wake husband Eddie, 25, to take a look, but he said it would be nothing and went back to sleep. She said: "My husband used to be a soldier so I thought he might know what it was. When he got up later I showed him the footage and he couldn't believe it. He said it wasn't a satellite and he hadn't seen anything like it before."

Neala said in the past she has always been sceptical of people saying they had seen UFOs, but she really can't find any explanation for what she saw.

Did you see the object? Or have you seen something else in the skies over Sunderland? Use the comment box below to let us know...

To view the mobile phone camera footage, the original article or to leave your comment then visit Sunderland Echo (Click On Text)

Here's a screen capture of the video, just as two lights appear on the object.

Here's the image with the circular section brightened up a little, and next to it is the same image zoomed in after being brightened.

(The video suffers from a very high compression resulting in a poor quality of image, if a higher resolution image is obtained the results will be posted here.)

Original Source: Sunderland Echo

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